Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back To The Old Grind..... Scouting???

Hey guys,

I have finally gotten back into the grove of using the blog again, starting things off a good note I went goose scouting today! Fellow prostaffer Chuck Parr and I ventured off early this morning and watched over a few fields we have scouted prior to today. We watched one of them for almost an hour, Geese came into it just as planned and started feeding through the wheat field. Later on in the morning we came back to the field, only to find more geese in the bean field next to the one we were scouting. It was a smaller bean field with a watering hole in the middle of it, there was 100+ geese in this small resting spot and got the blood flowing fast! We were also watching over 2 more fields that morning with another wheat field with about 70 geese in it, and also another wheat field with around 85 in it.

With any good hunting trip, comes good scouting! This is one thing most hunters forget to do, so next time before hunting dont forget to do your homework and find that X that marks the spot.