Sunday, October 10, 2010

Opening Day! and some orange...

Took of at dark-o-thiry to go to a local lake for the duck opener. Staffer's Kevin Hutchings, and Randy Duncan tagged along and also my buddy Logen Romain. We launched the boat after a short ride to the launch and putted across the lake and set the spread. Not to many decoys but enough to make an X for them to land on. Now the waiting game, 2 1/2 hours of nothing but talking and dozing off. Then came 7:08 AM, shots rang out all over as we loaded our guns and kept an eye out. Not much shooting on our lake for about 10 minuets and then the group behind us poped a few shots off and ducks buzzed the edge of our spread and landed. We all jumped up and Logen shot at one as it jumped off the water, nothing... we all looked at eachother as we scratched our heads. Laughing it off as they flew off into the foggy horizon. The rest of the morning was nothing but high flyers and birds way off on the other end of the lake. Shots rang out every now and then but not many to close to us. We decided to call it a morning at 11 AM and pack up the decoys and the gear. As it always happens to us as were picking up... birds. But we have learned from our past mistakes and decide to keep our guns by us and loaded while we are wading picking up our decoys. My buddy Logen raised up and BAM! The goose started to shake and I shot once, nothing. Then Logen pumped another shot into it on its decent as it was gliding further away and hit it and it fell to the water. Logen was yelling and screaming being it was his first goose we were all excited for him. Him and I jumped in the boat and retrieved his goose, his smile was from ear to ear! We went back to the blind and loaded up with gear and flew back to the boat launch and dropped some gear off and got the truck. I flew back over to the blind to pick up Randy and Kevin to bring them back to the launch. All in all a great morning to be out! Little warm weather for an opener but take it or leave it. Here are some photos from the 2010 Duck Opener:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mill Pond

Taken: 10/6/10
By: Mike Adams Jr.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Week Of Fall...

10/3/10 By: Mike Adams Jr.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forgotten Routines

When it comes to waterfowl hunting most people forget the routines that you would go through for deer hunting or turkey hunting. Shotgun pattern's!!!! This is one of the most over looked thing when it comes to goose or duck hunting. Just like turkey hunting, you didn't come this far to cripple a bird or flat out miss. With all of the new steel shot loads on the market there are so many choices for shot, lengths and velocities.

When patterning don't shy away from changing out choke's or loads, for instance the combination of a Modified choke with #2 shot is a very popular combo. Personally I like to shoot a Modified choke with BB shot in 3", the possibilities are ENDLESS!!! Just take the time before season and make sure that your ready to go! Shoot Straight!

Youth Waterfowl Weekend

Its just around the corner, as a matter of fact this weekend! Hope to get out with my good friend Dave Hagen and maybe Chico if we can pry him out of the treestand. The total party will be Dave, Mike Sr., my brother Jake and myself. Hope to get some ducks and have a good time on the water, the best part is that we get first crack at the ducks before the adults do! Video and pictures will follow after the hunt

- Mikey

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back To The Old Grind..... Scouting???

Hey guys,

I have finally gotten back into the grove of using the blog again, starting things off a good note I went goose scouting today! Fellow prostaffer Chuck Parr and I ventured off early this morning and watched over a few fields we have scouted prior to today. We watched one of them for almost an hour, Geese came into it just as planned and started feeding through the wheat field. Later on in the morning we came back to the field, only to find more geese in the bean field next to the one we were scouting. It was a smaller bean field with a watering hole in the middle of it, there was 100+ geese in this small resting spot and got the blood flowing fast! We were also watching over 2 more fields that morning with another wheat field with about 70 geese in it, and also another wheat field with around 85 in it.

With any good hunting trip, comes good scouting! This is one thing most hunters forget to do, so next time before hunting dont forget to do your homework and find that X that marks the spot.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1st Field Hunt

Hey Guys,

I haven't posted on my blog in a while so I thought I would kick things back off with a good post. Fellow prostaffer Chuck Parr and I drove down to meet up with one of my good friends John Mcnamera to hunt with him on one of his fields he had been scouting. I had talked to him the past 2 days to set this hunt up and on friday we had seen about 100-150 honkers in the field we were going to hunt. On Saturday he had seen about 100 more feeding thru the field so the hunt was on!!! Chuck and I made our way down to the John's house so we could drive over to the field. When we passed the field on the way there, there was alredy about 15 geese on it feeding thru. In the mater of 5 minuets there was 40 geese in the field alredy, so we had to spook them out and set up quick! We spooked them out and set up the blinds and decoys quick, we had about 15 Greenhead Gear full bodies and some Avery and Final Approach layout blinds and we were set. Chuck and John set out the decoys while I went to a small area with brush and picked some weeds to help hide the blinds. We put the finishing touch on all 3 blinds and we were ready! This was the relaxing part of field hunting, laying down and small talking with each other and BOOM! 45 minuets later we had our first group of geese working the field, It was a group of 5 birds and John and I started calling. We only did a few moans and I did a small murmur to keep them commited to finishing. John said "There eatin' us up, you guys ready?" Chuck and I replied " Yea call it" John Yelled "Take Em!!!" Chuck pulled up and shot first and missed his and then nailed him on the second shot! John shot 3 shots and missed all 3. I pulled up and click! Safety was on! But I got one shot as they were flaring out but I missed, Chuck was halfway to his limit. About 15 minuets later we had a group of about 4 come in, we worked them to the decoys and we all shot 3 shots and John droped one and Chuck and I missed!!! Figures! happens all the time. About 5 minuets later we had another decent group come in we worked them to the decoys but wanted to land on the right side of the kill zone. I did a fast agressive murmur and that made them bust right over to the kill hole. 4 shots and 4 geese fell! Chuck got his last and John did also and I got My 2, very good hunt and one of the fastest hunt I have ever been on!

It feels awesome to limit out for once!!! Thanks John for putting up with us and helping us out!