Sunday, February 17, 2008

Start Fly Tying

Hey Guys,

Mikey here again, In this post im going to try to help you guys that want to start Tying Flys! Basicly how I started is I went to Bass Pro Shop and went to the White River Fly Shop, They had two tying kits there. A Bass tying kit and a Trout tying kit, I picked they trout kit and it costed me roughly 60 Dollars here is the link. Cabelas has a nice trout kit also heres the link, this kit cost 50 to 60 dollars depending on if you get the one DVD. Both of these kits will get you off to a good start. Now all you need to get is a Fly Rod! Fly Tying is very relaxing, but requires a lot of patience. The Bass Pro Kit has all of the fly patterns that any fly fisherman needs, after you use up all of the materials in your kit you can replace them buy ordering them off of the sites. Make sure you write down what comes with the kit so you can get the right stuff to tie the flys.Be prepared to mess up a lot!!! Hope that this helps you guys out there, send me pictures of your flys so I can post them for other people to see! ~ Mikey

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